Isse Chains

Top end technology in sector

ISSE Safety is a world leader in the manufacture of textile chains for tires of all types of vehicles: passenger cars, vans, 4 × 4, trucks, coaches and industrial machinery.


At ISSE, we have patented technology, specially designed to optimize the grip properties of tires in ice or snow conditions, and our commitment to the highest quality allows us to have a global reach, with a presence in countries such as Spain, France, Portugal, Andorra, United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Germany, NZ, Japan, Argentina, Chile, Italy, etc.


We are the manufacturers of the textile chains for Volvo Group, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lampa, Bottari, Goodyear, etc

A company with history

ISSE Safety, founded in 2003, comes from an extensive textile tradition being the third generation of a family company. The idea of designing this product was born when we observed that in winter, the ramps of the textile factories, when the temperatures dropped, were freezing.


This prevented the wheelbarrows from climbing the ramps since the wheels were skidding.


To solve this problem, a textile blanket was extended so that the tires of the trucks did not slip and could enter the factory.


This is where the idea came from. We made the prototypes and they worked perfectly. We continue to study options in depth and perfect the product until we find the composition of high tenacity threads with which we currently work.

Patented Quality Products

The ISSE Safety textile chains for tires have European patent (1616726) and American patent (9050867 B2). They also hold the TÜV certificate 11.11.2005, Önorm V5121, the French certificate B26, RAR certification, LEITAT Report 219914, as well as the California, Washington and Colorado DOT approval.

Made in Europe

All products of the company are made in Spain. From the production of thread to the packaging. That means that ISSE Safety controls the entire production process.

Quick and easy to fit

For cars, SUVs, minivans, four-wheel drive vehicles, buses, trucks and industrial machinery. Textile chains take up very little space in the trunk of your vehicle. Besides, the assembly is easy and fast

Ensuring car care and user safety

The space between the tire and the bodywork is minimal, so they do not affect the operation of the different active safety systems of our vehicle, such as traction control, stability control or ABS. They do not produce vibrations, compared to the use of metal snow chains, and driving conditions are safer.