ISSE SAFETY Technology

Safety is one of our highest priorities


Patented braiding design provides additional traction on ice and snow, optimizing the outcome of the physical law of tribology.

HTS, High Tenacity System

Ultra-resistant fibers, the result of years of research and development, manufactured in Spain, and used in oil platforms.


Nanotechnology that deactivates some molecules responsible for the bad smell and the development of bacteria.


System that combines the tribological effect of grip with the mechanical pull of peaks.


Recyclable fabric, made of polyolefin, without metal parts.


Specific 3D braiding provides greater durability and better grip in deep snow conditions.

You want to be covered for a timely snowfall?

Discover our snow chains for occasional use

Easy sock

Occasional use on snow and ice at a competitive price

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Super Model

Usual use on snow and ice.

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Classic Model

Occasional use on snow and ice.

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Truck Model

Usual use on snow and ice for coaches and trucks.

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More safety and ease of use

ISSE SAFE Technology

  • They are easier to put on.
  • They do not cause any damage to the tires.
  • They do not cause vibration or constant noise in the steering or tires.
  • They take up very little space in the trunk of your vehicle.
  • With only 6 sizes, we cover 100% of tires.

Quality Products

International patents, vehicle care and comfort

Our textile chains have four main characteristics:


Patented quality products

The ISSE Safety textile chains for tires have European patent (1616726) and American patent (9050867 B2). They also meet the TÜV 11.11.2005, Önorm V5121, B26, LEITAT Report 219914, California DOT and Colorado DOT certificates.


Manufacturing in Spain

All company products are made in Spain. From the production of thread to the packaging. That means that ISSE Safety controls the entire production process.

Ensures car care and user safety

The space between the tire and body is minimal, so they do not affect the operation of the different active safety systems of your vehicle; such as, traction control, stability or ABS. They do not produce vibration, compared to the use of metallic snow chains, and driving conditions are safer.


Convenience in assembly and storage

For cars, SUVs, minivans, four-wheel drive vehicles, buses, trucks and industrial machinery. Textile chains take up very little space in the trunk of your vehicle. Besides, the assembly is easy and fast:

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