The safest snow covers with patented technology on the market and easy to install


01What are ISSE Snow Textile Covers?

02How do I know which size is appropriate?

03How can I know which covers are the most suitable for my car?

04What grip do they have in the snow?

05Is there a difference in driving when you use a non-slip snow cover?

06Can the covers be washed?

07Can I use the covers if my car has ESP? Can I use the ISSE covers?

08Can I use the covers if my car has front and / or rear-wheel drive?

09How many covers come in each package?

10If I want snow covers on the 4 wheels of my car, how many packages should I buy?

11How are the covers placed?

12How are the covers removed?

13What recommendations should I take into account for the use of ISSE covers?

14My car has a limited space between the wheel and the body of the car. How can I use the anti-skid snow cover?

15Can I use the covers if my car has alloy wheels?

16Is the cover authorized? What quality does it have?

17Are the textile covers suitable for all types of vehicles?

18I have a truck or bus, is there any cover that will fit my vehicle?

19Can I ask for help if I do not know how to place the case?

20How can I contact you to advise me?

21How long will it take to deliver the cover to me?

22Can I buy a cover if I live outside of Spain? In which countries?

ISSE is a textile cover that allows to increase the adhesion of the vehicle while driving on ice and snow. Its installation is easier than the traditional iron snow chains so the driver has more ease in its use and comfort since they occupy less space and its weight is much smaller.
The size of ISSE depends on the measurement of the tires of your car. On your tire, you can see 3 numbers corresponding to the width, height and diameter, respectively. Find these values on your tire and insert them into our simulator located on the home page to get your recommended size. Click here to go to the home page.
The most suitable covers for your vehicle depends on the use you want to make in ice and snow. ISSE distinguishes between sporadic and intensive use. Sporadic is intended for drivers who occasionally use ice and snow covers a few times a year. Intensive or usual is for those drivers who drive through snow and ice many times during the year so they need a more resistant product.
ISSE improves adhesion on snow and ice. It is recommended to remove the anti-skid covers for the vehicle when the conditions of ice and snow no longer exist and thus not damage the product. It is also recommended not to drive on asphalt or concrete, as it considerably increases the wear of the fibers.
Yes, the grip increases considerably by using non-slip covers. ISSE is more effective than winter tires and, in some cases, also snow chains. ISSE can be fitted on both summer tires and winter tires (with or without cleats).
Yes, the ISSE textile chains can be washed in the washing machine at max. 40 ° C. Do not iron or tumble dry.
Yes, it can be used with ESP enabled.
Yes, ISSE chains can be used whether the vehicle has front, rear or 4X4 traction. In the latter case, you must insert 4 sleeves, one on each wheel.
In each package, you will have 2 ISSE covers, one for each wheel.
Following the above answer, if your vehicle is a 4X4 you will need to buy 2 packages getting 4 cases.

1) Place the cover over the top of the tire. Mount the ISSE textile covers with the vehicle parked on a level ground (forbidden on slope) and the handbrake engaged. If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-spill system, do not disconnect it.

2) Insert the arms into the cover and stretch the fabric to cover the sides of the tire.

3) Finish adjusting the sides of the tire.

4) Advance your vehicle ahead so that the wheel turns 1/2 so as to leave in the upper part the part of the tire not yet capped by the cover.

5) Cover the upper area of ​​the tire with the cover.

6) Slowly advance, after 100 meters the sheath will fit itself to your tire.

1) Remove the cover from the top of the tire and its sides. 2) Back off the vehicle to release the part covered by the cover so that the wheel goes back 1/2 turn. 3) Remove the cover and store it.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-spill system, do not disconnect it.
  • With the textile covers installed in your vehicle, you should start and move in a prudent way, avoiding accelerations, sudden changes in direction for safety and to preserve the life of the product.
  • If your textile covers have light and local perforations after first use, they are still fully usable.
  • On the other hand, if the perforations exceed 50% of the tread width, the sleeves cannot be used. The covers cannot be repaired.
  • Do not exceed 40km / hour in snow or ice, it is advisable to reduce that speed. If you have to install textile covers on tires with a wear over 50%, we recommend limiting the speed to 30km / hour.
  • If you hear unusual noises, stop and check if the chains are properly positioned.
  • It is not advisable to use the covers on a dry floor. Prolonged use without snow would damage the product and could modify the vehicle’s reactions./li>
  • Textile covers should only be installed on the authorized tire sizes for the correct size. Please check which size is most suitable for your vehicle.
  • The covers should be placed exclusively on snowy or icy ground. They must be removed in the event that the state of the road does not justify its use or while the vehicle is parked.
  • It is not necessary to re-tighten the covers after a short period of use.
  • When starting up, make sure that nothing is behind the wheels of the vehicle as it could be damaged by the projection of pebbles, glass or other elements.
  • Textile covers do not replace winter tires. While sleeves are mounted on the drive wheels, differences in grip may occur between the front and rear axles, increasing the risk of skidding.
  • On 4X4 vehicles it is preferable to mount 2 sets (4 units) of ISSE covers.
Yes, ISSE can be used on vehicles with little space in the wheel pass or between the tire and the mechanical elements.
Yes, ISSE is a textile product that does not damage your tires.
ISSE chains comply with CE standards and are certified, among others, by the ONORM 5121 standard, and are washable and reusable. It is a patented product. It is certified by TUV, Onorm 5121 and corresponds to legislation B26.
Yes, they serve all types of front, rear, 4×4, bus and truck vehicles.
Yes, you must select our “Truck” product that is specialized for your vehicle.
Yes, ISSE offers you its customer service phone for quick information on how to place your cases: +34 679 10 00 33
You can contact our customer service by calling one of the following numbers depending on the country where you’re calling us from: United States: (+34) 679 10 00 33 Spain: (+34) 679 10 00 33 Countries of the European Union: (+34) 679 10 00 33 We can serve you both in Spanish and English.
The delivery will generally be made within one to three working days from the confirmation of the order, at the postal address that was included in the order details, except for reasons of force majeure. The delivery note will be sent together with the Product or Products.
Yes, both for the countries of the European Union and for the United States. Select the language of your country on our website.