ISSE Safety is the Spanish company of reference in the manufacture of textile chains for tires for all type of vehicles: cars, vans, 4x4s, as well as industrial vehicles (trucks and coaches) and even machinery.

Its patented technology is specially designed to optimize tire grip properties under adverse conditions, both climatological and those related to the state of asphalt.

In addition to Spain, ISSE Safety is present in different countries around the world: France, Portugal, Andorra, the United States, the United Kingdom and China. Some of our main clients are: Norauto, El Corte Inglés, Goodyear, among others.


ISSE Safety, founded in 2003, comes from an extensive textile tradition. In fact, its foundations were built by the third generation of a family company in this sector.

One day we began to look at the wheelbarrows that came in and out of the factory loading areas. When it rained, the wheels of the wheelbarrows were wet and when entering the factory, the water mixed with the textile fibers. This caused the vehicles to slip.

For this reason, for more than 30 years we have covered wheels of trucks with cloth sleeves. From here came the idea. We did the prototypes and it worked out great. We studied the subject and perfected the product until it came with the composition of high tenacity yarns with which we work today.


The raison d'être of ISSE Safety revolves around four main axes:

Patented Quality Products

The ISSE Safety textile chains for tires have European patent (1616726) and American patent (9050867 B2). They also hold the TÜV certificate 11.11.2005, Önorm V5121, the French certificate B26, LEITAT Report 219914, as well as the California DOT and Colorado DOT.

Manufacturing in Spain

All products of the company are made in Spain. From the production of thread to the packaging. That means that ISSE Safety controls the entire production process. Specific 3D braiding provides a more durable and better grip in deep snow conditions.

Convenient mounting and storage

For cars, SUVs, minivans, four-wheel drive vehicles, buses, trucks and industrial machinery. Textile chains take up very little space in the trunk of your vehicle. The assembly is easy and fast: 1. Placing the textile chain on top of the tire. 2. The user should simply pull it down to start placing the cover. 3. Slightly move the vehicle forward or backward to finish adjusting the textile chain to the tire.

Ensuring car care and user safety

The space between the tire and the body is minimal, so they do not affect the operation of the different active safety systems of your vehicle, such as traction control, stability or ABS. They do not produce vibration, compared to the use of metallic snow chains, which translates into safer driving conditions.


Security is not a game. For this reason, the ISSE Safety textile chains incorporate the latest technologies of the sector:

TriboTek: The patented braiding design provides additional traction in ice and snow optimizing the outcome of the physical law of tribology.

HTS, High Tenacity System:ISSE Safety designs and manufactures its own fibers in Spain. HTS is the result of years of research and development. These ultra-resistant fibers are used on oil platforms.

NanoTek: A nanotechnology that deactivates some molecules responsible for the bad smell and the development of bacteria.

HybridTrak: This system combines the tribological effect of grip with the mechanical pull of the peaks.

Ecotex: This fabric made of polyolefin can be recycled.

Activ3D: A specific 3D braid that provides greater durability and better grip in deep snow conditions.