What type of snow chain should I buy, textile or metal?

If you are thinking of buying snow chains for your vehicle, you may be going back and forth between choosing metal or textile chains. Safety, price, ease of assembly … These are very important factors to consider when it comes to choosing an accessory with which to get on the road.

We will explain the main characteristics of these two types of product to facilitate your decision:

Metal chains: they are the most traditional type of chain. It is a chain of steel-links interlaced and joined by a metal ring or wire that fits the size of the wheel’s diameter. Once that hoop has been placed and fastened, the remaining loose ends are tightened, crossing and fastening according to the instructions of each manufacturer.

It is a type of chain with a lot of durability, but they have several disadvantages: you have to use a lot of force to tighten and fasten the metal chain, they produce vibrations when driving and hinder the operation of stability control of the vehicle, in addition, a frequent complaint between users of this type of chain is that they scratch the tires. It is also important to make sure they have been properly closed because if they are released, they can damage the vehicle’s body.

Textile chains: Its ease of assembly and how light they are, are the main reasons why users opt for this type of snow chain. It is a special textile chain that covers the tire band, so that the wheel is wrapped.

They are adjusted by a rubber band, so you do not have to force yourself while putting it on, you only need to move the car forward to finish with the adjustment of the chain. In addition, because it is made of fabric and doesn’t have metal links, driving is much smoother, and the vehicle does not vibrate which means it doesn’t alter the operation of the stability control and provides total safety. Currently there are textile chains for all types of vehicles: 4x4s, cars, caravans, buses or industrial vehicles.

Some disadvantages you can find are: they are less expensive than metal ones and if you do not remove them when there’s no ice or snow, the fabric can tear easily. However, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, it is a very durable product.

Common points:

  1. Both are valid when the use of chains is mandatory.
  2. The speed is limited to 40km / h.
  3. They are placed on the driving wheels. If your vehicle is a 4×4 you will have to place it on all four wheels.

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