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ISSE Safety is a Spanish company leader in the manufacture of textile chains for all types of vehicles: cars, vans, 4x4s, as well as industrial vehicles (trucks and coaches) and even industrial machinery.

Our patented technology is specially designed to optimize tire grip properties under adverse conditions, both climatological and those related to the surface of asphalt.

The company, founded in 2003, is in the expansion phase, both nationally and internationally. For this reason, we are looking for distributors interested in marketing their wide range of products.

Currently ISSE Safety is present in different countries around the world: Spain, France, Portugal, Andorra, United States, United Kingdom and China.

Why be an authorized Isse Safety distributor?

The main advantage of being a distributor resides, first, in the competitive benefits of the product itself. It is a patented material that brings together, by itself, the best-selling argument possible. We invite you to discover the advantages of ISSE Safety textile chains compared to traditional metal chains.


Availability of a wide range of models and sizes, covering all types of vehicles and tires.


Fixed discount percentage throughout the company’s product catalogue, increasing as your billing increases.


Additional discounts and special prices on indicated items to increase your profit margin.


Custom packaging option.


Availability of additional guarantees on some of our products.


Permanent stock for deliveries within 2-3 days.


Possibility of establishing synergies at the marketing and communication level to promote the commercial objectives of the parties involved.


Training and technical advice by ISSE Safety’s team of professionals, in order to make the distributor an expert in the field and can resolve all doubts immediately.


If necessary, we prepare studies and budgets for your clients.

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